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Turmeric Powder

Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder is a popular spice made from the root of the Curcuma longa plant. Curcumin is a substance found in turmeric that may help to minimise edoema.

Turmeric powder is used to flavour and colour curry powders, mustards, butters, and cheeses, and has a warm, bitter flavour. Turmeric is frequently used to treat illnesses including pain and inflammation because curcumin and other compounds in turmeric may reduce swelling.

Turmeric powder is often used to treat osteoarthritis. It's also used for hay fever, depression, high cholesterol, a form of liver illness, and itching, but most of these claims aren't backed up by scientific research.

Turmeric powder on shelves and in spice cabinets is made from the plant's ground roots. Processed turmeric's vivid yellow colour has encouraged numerous cultures to utilise it as a dye. Curry powder contains a significant amount of ground turmeric.

Turmeric capsules, teas, powders, and extracts are some of the commercially available turmeric products.

Turmeric's main element, curcumin, has a wide range of biological activities. Turmeric is recommended for a number of health concerns by Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient Indian system of treatment. Chronic pain and inflammation are two of them. Turmeric is being studied in Western medicine as a pain reliever and healing agent.

Positive side effects of turmeric

It’s anti-inflammatory

This anti-inflammatory property could help persons with arthritis feel less pain in their joints.

For inflammation alleviation, the foundation recommends taking 400 to 600 milligrammes (mg) of turmeric capsules up to three times per day.

It can relieve pain


Many people, including doctors, offer anecdotal evidence of turmeric's pain-relieving properties. The spice is also said to help with arthritis discomfort.

It improves liver function

Turmeric has recently gained popularity as a result of its antioxidant properties. Turmeric's antioxidant impact appears to be so strong that it may prevent your liver from being harmed by toxins. This could be excellent news for patients who take powerful diabetic or other health-related medicines that can harm the liver over time.

It may help reduce the risk of cancer

Curcumin has shown potential in the treatment of cancer. It has been shown in studies to protect against pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, and multiple myeloma.

It can aid your digestion

Turmeric is in curry powder in part because it enhances the flavour of food. Turmeric, on the other hand, can aid in the digestion of that food. Turmeric can help with digestion because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

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